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Marketing audit

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Check your vitals and ensure everything is running as it should be. Customers, competitors and market conditions can change. Be proactive and ensure you change with them.

A fresh perspective

Benefit from an impartial consultant with no lock-in contracts. Avoid agencies that promote strategies based on the products they want to sell. Stay focused on effective interventions and opportunities to grow.

Better Financial Management

Identify inefficiencies, and redistribute towards your implementation budget. Ramp up and down according to seasonal changes and avoid fixed costs. Make each dollar count.

Confidence In your next steps

Marketing Audit

Collaborative audit to check the pulse of your marketing activities, brand and strategy. Identify growth opportunities and risks, and put your best foot forward. Optimised for growing businesses with over $1.5 million annual revenue.

Simple, structured solutions

Ensure you can boldly articulate the rationale for your plan, and discover better metrics to measure success. Use time, energy and money efficiently on strategies that perform.


Get a fresh set of eyes to discuss specific questions or challenges associated with your brand or marketing efforts.

Get the help of a qualified and experienced marketing consultant to develop structure for your marketing plan. Optimise time and resources with simple solutions that can be implemented at every level of your business.


Project management, resource allocation, timelines, accountability and check-ins.


Meet Steve, a talented marketer with over 5 years' specialised experience working with small and mid-size businesses across Victoria, including Wodonga TAFE, OYOB, Ignite, Space Tank and more. During this time he has managed a spectrum of tactical and strategic marketing activities, including developing marketing plans, websites, brand guides, videography, merchandise, graphic design, project management and lots more. He holds a unique balance of creative, analytical and personal skills, complimented by Master of Marketing completed at Australia's leading business school.

Steve is passionate about ensuring brands are positioned to compete and capture value in the market. He is a strong believer in ethical marketing driven by social values including integrity and kindness.


Hawthorn East, VIC

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