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Our Privacy Policy outlines what kinds of information we collect, why we collect this information, and how we handle it.

What is collected

We may collect personal information about you when it’s reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, our functions or activities.

The kinds of personal information we may collect includes all of the following.

Information about you, such as your:

  • name

  • address

  • contact details.


We may also collect information about how you use our online services and applications, such as:

  • pages you visit

  • online forms you fill in

  • your interactions

Why we collect information

We collect personal information about you where it is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, one or more of our functions or activities.

To deliver services

We may collect your personal information when it is reasonably necessary for delivering services. For example, we may collect your personal information to:

  • confirm your identity

  • communicate with you, including by SMS or email

  • manage complaints and feedback

  • manage and respond to requests for information.

To provide you with a more personalised experience

We may use information about your online experience to help us improve our services.


We may need to share your personal information if we’re authorised or required by law to do so.

How to access and correct information about you

You have the right to both ask:

  • for access to personal information that we hold about you

  • that we correct personal information we hold about you.


If you ask, we must give you access to your personal information, and take reasonable steps to correct it if we consider it is incorrect, unless there is a law that allows or requires us not to.

Mailing lists

We will never add you to any mailing list or automated EDM service without explicit opt-in confirmation. You can opt-out from mailing at any time by pressing the relevant link, or sending an email to

How to make a complaint about privacy

If you wish to complain about how we’ve handled your personal information, please send an email to

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